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Our services

Isolation Élite Inc. provide professional expertise in Mechanical Insulation and Decontamination. Our team of qualified employees will execute your projects with the utmost professionalism from beginning to end.

Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical Insulation or Heat Insulation provides protection from heat loss and/or condensation. These types of insulation offer you an energy efficiency that will prolong the life of your system.


The principal insulation products used in this type of application are Fiberglass, Mineral fiber, Elastomeric foam, pre-formed Urethane, Cellular Glass, Ceramic fiber and other types of acoustic insulation. A protective outer finish can be added to your insulation such as PVC, Aluminium, Stainless steel, Canvas and composite membrane.


We provide asbestos decontamination services to commercial, institutional and industrial customers. Decontamination is mainly found in the mechanical insulation industry. Whether it be smaller tasks like removing asbestos insulation on a valve or larger projects like decontaminating a complete mechanical room, our team of experts will meet all of your needs.

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